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This work summarizes treatment options available for arthritic conditions, taking an anatomic location approach. Foundation chapters cover current findings in the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and general clinical considerations in rheumatoid surgery. Later sections on the hand and the wrist detail surgical techniques involving the distal and proximal interphalangeal joints, the thumb interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints, the carpometacarpal joints, limited and total wrist arthrodesis and arthroplasty, and the distal radioulnar joint. B&w and color photos and X-ray images are included. Weiss is affiliated with Brown University School of Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital; Hastings, with Indiana University Medical Canter, Indiana Hand Center. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (


Arnold Peter Weiss’ 46 donations to RISD Museum of Art

Februray 4, 2012

The Rhode Island School of Design has provided a complete list of donations made by former museum chairman Arnold Peter Weiss, the Providence doctor and collector of ancient coins who was arrested in New York last month for possession of a coin he allegedly knew had been recently looted in Sicily. (See our earlier stories herehere andhere.)

Dr. Arnold Peter Weiss

Weiss donated 46 objects to the museum between 1997 and 2010, according to museum spokeswoman Donna Desrochers. Sixteen of those donations were ancient coins. We’ve posted the complete list of the Weiss donations, with images, here.

Below are the ownership histories for the ancient coins, with select images:

Six Lycian staters, 1997.42.1-6 cf. L. Mildenberg, “Mithrapata und Perikles,” Atti, Congresso Internazionale di Numismatica, Roma 11-16 Settembre 1961 (Rome 1965), 24, pl. 4; N. Olçay and O. Mørkholm, “The Coin Hoard from Podalia,” Numismatic Chronicle, 1971, nos. 26, 27, 414-418.

Stater of Locris Opuntia, 2001.81.1 ex CNG private purchase, 1999; ex US dealer; ex Edward Gans Collection, 1940s-50s

RISD 2001.81.2

Tetradrachm of Amphipolis, 2001.81.2 CNG Mail Bid Sale 49, 19 March 1999, lot 158 ex California collection, early 1970s-1990; ex English collection, 1940s

Decadrachm of Syracuse, 2001.81.3; ex CNG direct purchase; ex Zurich auction, late 1990s; ex Swiss collection, early 1900s

Tetradrachm of Amphipolis, 2007.89.1
ex Gemini III, 9 January 2007, lot 88; ex LHS Numismatik, auction 95, 25 October 2005, lot 559; ex MMAG auction XIX, 5-6 June 1959, lot 372; ex Charles Gillet Collection, Lausanne


Stater of unknown Ionian mint, 2007.89.2
ex NFA auction XVIII, 1987, lot 95 ex von Hoffmann Collection; cf. Price, “A Field in Western Thrace” (Coin Hoards 2, no. 1, 1976)

Tetradrachm of Thebes, 2008.60.1
ex CNG Triton IX, BCD Boiotia Collection, 10 January 2006, lot 439; ex BCD Collection; ex MMAG XXII 1961 auction, lot 467

Tetradrachm of Rhodes, 2008.60.2
ex CNG Triton IX, 10 January 2006, lot 966; ex CNG Mail Catalogue Sale 63, 21 May 2003, lot 557; ex Leu private purchase, 2001; ex Marmaris hoard 1970/71 (ICGH 1209)

RISD 2010.56.1

Persian daric, 2008.60.3
ex CNG private purchase, 2005
ex Edward Gans, 1964, lot 78

Bronze 2-litrae of Syracuse, 2008.60.4
ex Gorny and Mosch, auction 156, 6 March 2007, lot 1139
ex Gorny and Mosch, auction 107, 2 April 2001, lot 75
ex Moretti Collection, Basel, 1920s

Tetradrachm of Naxos, 2010.56.1
ex Leu private sale, 2010; ex Leu, 1980s; cf. Ludwig Grabow, Rostock, 9 July 1930, lot 196

RISD 2010.56.2

Stater of Mysia, 2010. 56.2
ex Jean Vinchon Numismatique, 2007; ex Bank Leu Numismatique AG, 1969; ex Charles Gillet, Lausanne, 1952

Stater of Mysia, 2010.56.3
ex Herren Collection; ex Ready (in commerce), 1929; ex Gulbenkian Collection, 1920s

Another donation of interest, not an ancient coin, is this:

Etruscan bronze relief, 2002.114.2
ex Denyse Berend Collection, Paris and Geneva, early 1960s; ex Cahn, Basel

RISD 2002.114.2!msg/illicit_antiquities/8Lv1xqXjFVk/KdYNorckeyQJ

Jim Moore Leo Burnett News



Remington Outdoor Foundation Appoints Jim Moore as President


January 21, 2010


Remington Outdoor Foundation

Grant Gregory, chairman of the Remington Outdoor Foundation (ROF), announced Jan. 19 that ROF, the leading industry advocate, appointed business leader and outdoor enthusiast Jim Moore as the president of the Foundation.

Jim joins ROF after more than 20 years of senior leadership positions with major marketing companies such as Leo Burnett, FCB and McCann-Erickson. He has provided leadership for developing business and brands for Jeep, Cadillac, Compaq Computer, AlliedSignal, American Standard and McDonald’s.

Jim’s longtime interest in the outdoors began by supporting his son in the Boy Scouts when his son expressed a desire to learn how to handle a gun safely.  This initially led to many rounds at the local sporting clays course, and they soon discovered the fields of Michigan and the fine pheasant hunting they offer. Pheasant hunting continues to be a passion today with regular Michigan hunts and an annual trip to England for a week of driven birds. Jim’s love of the outdoors extends to being an active skier/snowboarder and bike rider. He also is an active conservationist who takes educational trips to study the remaining tigers in the jungles of Nepal and the Big 5 in the national parks of South Africa.

Jim Moore

Jim has extended his love of the outdoors to success in the business world as he led the expansion of the Jeep brand worldwide by capitalizing on their outdoor/off-road credentials. Jim is highly experienced in start-ups and new ventures having established three new companies and led such brands as Jeep, Compaq and Cadillac into China, Russia and Eastern Europe.

In the nonprofit world, Jim helped to establish the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit as a founding board member. He also led the marketing and sales sponsorship efforts for the re-invigoration of the Meadow Brook Concours through developing a new direction and theme and collaborating with marketing partners.

In commenting about his appointment, Moore said:  “Leading the Remington Outdoor Foundation gives me the opportunity to apply my brand building and marketing skills to grow the sport I love, and ensure that future generations will always have an opportunity to enjoy safe and ethical hunting and target shooting.”

Jim is a member of the Hunters Creek Hunt Club in Metamora, Mich. and the NRA and holds a competitive driving license.

Carl Brown, director of partnerships and programs, and Scott Pearl, program manager, will work with Moore to drive the success of ROF in forming partnerships and supporting other nonprofits and Industry leaders to ensure the growth of the outdoor, shooting and hunting experience for generations to come.

To accomplish this objective of expanding the outdoor experience today and in the future, ROF has established a mission of:

Remington Outdoor Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports hunting, shooting, outdoor sports and conservation through land preservation, access, education, training, safety, awareness, research and wildlife enhancement.

At the forefront of implementing the mission of the Remington Outdoor Foundation are instruction and safety, and conservation and environmentally minded programs, to ensure future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.